Aborigines are the result of intermarriage between humans and aliens

(ORDO NEWS) — In different parts of the world, archaeologists find ancient burial places of mysterious humanoid creatures.

Located in a remote area of ​​China known as the “Forbidden Zone”, Hebita Cave contains 716 mysterious skeletons.

Their height does not exceed 130 cm, they have large heads with huge eye sockets and small toothless jaws.

On the neck of each skeleton is fixed a stone disc with a diameter of about 30 cm with incomprehensible symbols carved on it.

Aborigines are the result of intermarriage between humans and aliens 2

In 1962, the Chinese scientist Tum Um Nuem managed to decipher the inscriptions on the discs.

They told about the history of the Dropa tribe, the last representatives of which were discovered in 1947 by the English explorer Caryl Robin-Evans.

According to the stone “chronicle”, the drop came to Earth from a planet located not far from Sirius.

The first aliens from there appeared on Earth about 20 thousand years ago, the next – only in 1014 AD. During their last journey, their ship was wrecked and they were unable to return.

A few years ago, the “alien cave” was visited by the German archaeologist Walter von Moltke. He suggested that the cave burial was an ancient cemetery where the Drops had buried their dead for many years.

Of the 716 skeletons, 12 differ from the rest in smaller stature and large skulls and eye sockets.

On the leg of one of them, traces of surgical intervention made with a laser are visible… Most likely, these are representatives of the first generation of colonists born on another planet.

According to information that has come down to our days, the Dropa tribe has died out.

However, the attention of researchers of anomalous phenomena was attracted by the inhabitants of the Chinese village. The fact is that their height does not exceed 115 cm.

At first, environmental conditions were blamed for this. Recently, however, ufologists have put forward an absolutely incredible hypothesis of the origin of dwarf people.

It turned out that local legends tell about aliens who descended from a crashed airship 12,000 years ago. According to researchers, undersized natives are the result of mixed marriages between humans and aliens.

Aborigines are the result of intermarriage between humans and aliens 3

In the summer of 1972, during excavations at the High Grave in the Kherson region, archaeologists stumbled upon the skeleton of an old man.

The skeleton had an unusual structure: unnaturally long limbs and a humpbacked spine.

The dead man was buried along with the wagon, which for some reason had seven wheels. Rays-faults radiated from the burial along the ground, presumably traces of ancient roads.

There were 12 of them – according to the number of months in a year. 7 and 12 have been considered magic numbers since time immemorial.

This led the participants of the excavations to the idea that the barrow is something like an observatory. But who used it?

And who is this hunchbacked old man with long limbs? Maybe this is another wanderer from outer space?

In the famous Yakut Valley of Death (Elyuyu Cherkechekh) on the banks of the Algyi River, deep underground, according to local nomads, there is an “iron hole”.

The walls of this tunnel breathe warmth, and various metal objects lie in the rooms, including a huge red cauldron with a sharp edge.

The nomads also saw strange-looking dead people there: “…very thin, with dark skin, one-eyed, in iron robes.” Apparently the bodies were mummified and therefore preserved…

It can be assumed that in ancient times these places were visited by representatives of another civilization. They built an underground base, which the locals called the “iron hole”.

Once something happened, because of which all the aliens died, and the underground bunker fell into disrepair. Perhaps we are talking about some kind of catastrophe caused by the activities of aliens.


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