Abnormalities in the lungs found in patients with COVID-19

(ORDO NEWS) — COVID-19 has long-term consequences and many people suffer from very severe shortness of breath for a long time after recovery. Specialists conducted a study and found some anomalies in the lungs of patients using MRI scans. They were called symptoms of the “long covid”, which can be present in the human body for another whole year.

Scientists from the University of Oxford conducted a study in which 36 patients took part. After some time, it is planned to expand the sample up to 400 people. They all underwent MRI lung screening as well as hyperpolarized xenon.

People inhaled it when they were inside the scanner. Due to this, specialists were able to analyze the state of gas exchange occurring in the pulmonary alveoli. In those patients who experienced “long covid”, the process was noticeably disturbed, so the gas was very poorly transferred from the lungs to the bloodstream.

It was possible to establish the presence of an anomaly using xenon. It is worth noting that the tomographic examination conducted before this did not indicate the presence of any problems. Professor Fergus Gleason noted that patients suffered coronavirus quite easily and were not hospitalized after infection.

Despite this, in some, shortness of breath persisted for another year after the virus first entered the body. Experts plan to soon establish how often the symptoms of the “long covid” can occur, what their causes are, and what long-term consequences they can lead to.

Until today, most patients complain of shortness of breath. All of them were ill with coronavirus during 2019-2022. Experts recommend monitoring your condition and contacting your doctor in a timely manner in order to conduct a thorough diagnosis. Vaccination against coronavirus will help to overcome post-COVID complications.


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