Abnormal seismic activity observed in South Korea: what scientists say about it

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists have recently been concerned that abnormal seismic activity is observed in South Korea. This could be a sign of a catastrophic earthquake.

Over the past week, specialists in South Korea recorded a wave of tremors. Some experts believe that this could be a signal for a more serious earthquake.

Despite the fact that South Korea is not located in potentially dangerous territory, the displacement of tectonic plates can cause regular shocks in the country. It is worth noting that the most powerful earthquake in recent days reached a strength of almost 4 points.

Since April 26, experts have recorded more than 400 earthquakes in the southern province of Cholla. No seismic activity has been reported in this region since 1978. Experts admit that they do not understand what is the reason for such frequent shocks. At the same time, several different theories were put forward in this regard.

Earthquakes are recorded very often and much deeper than they occurred before. The last tremors occurred at a depth of about 20 kilometers, although usually they were recorded no deeper than 10 kilometers below the surface of the earth.

Yoshiaki Hisada said that such a frequency and depth of shocks is very strange and it is necessary to constantly monitor this process, because any, even a slight change can indicate that a catastrophe could happen in South Korea soon.

For all time, only a few strong earthquakes occurred on the territory of South Korea, about which historical data have been preserved. The strongest tremors at the same time reached the mark of 7 points and led to catastrophic destruction and numerous deaths.


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