A woman will have to give birth to the same child twice

(ORDO NEWS) — Due to unusual circumstances, a woman will have to give birth twice, and this case has become popular on TikTok.

A resident of South Florida, Jacqueline Schumer, spoke about the situation in which she found herself. She will have to give birth to a child twice within 14 weeks.

The woman shared her story on TikTok and it went viral, generating hundreds of different comments.

Undoubtedly, the 23-year-old woman did not imagine that she would have to endure something like this.

The fact is that due to a strange illness, she was forced to undergo a surgical operation in order to save the life of her girl.

“My baby will be removed for spinal surgery and returned to my uterus for the remainder of the pregnancy.

Doctors call these babies “twice-born babies.”

This is nothing less than a medical and scientific miracle,” Jacqueline said in her blog.

The impressive story went viral on social media.

Her unborn daughter had a lumbar spine injury that could seriously affect her future mobility.

Surgery on the fetus will close this hole in the back that exposes the spinal cord, preventing further damage during pregnancy.


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