A woman went to a non-existent job for two years so as not to disappoint her parents

(ORDO NEWS) — Jane Lu from Australia started a multi-million dollar business behind her parents’ back and pretended to go to the office for two years so as not to disappoint them.

When Lu was eight years old, her family moved to Australia from China. The woman’s parents always wanted her to become a doctor, lawyer or accountant.

To meet the expectations of her parents, the daughter found a high-paying job in finance in a reputable company, but quickly realized that she could not work in an office.

Lu did not want to upset her family and admit that she hates what she does. Instead, she quit, but for the peace of her parents, she continued to get up every morning, put on a suit and go to non-existent work.

“I was very ashamed of what I was doing, and I was disappointed in myself for being in this situation,” recalls 36-year-old Lou.

The woman tried to open her own business, but failed. Then she got a job as an administrator and continued to do business. In 2010, Lu opened her online fashion store Showpo.

“My parents knew that I opened Showpo, but they thought it was an extra income,” she says.

After two years, business was booming, and Lou told the whole truth to her family. She was able to pay off her mortgage and buy her parents a new car.

The brand currently supplies its products to more than 120 countries. Showpo is one of the largest online clothing stores in the world.

“If you already have a business idea, then just get started, because you will never learn as much as in the process. You just have to be nimble,” says Lou.


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