A woman married a woman, but found out about it 10 months later

(ORDO NEWS) — An Indonesian woman told how, ten months after she got married, she found out that her lover had hidden his real gender and turned out to be a woman. It is reported by The Mirror.

A deceived Indonesian who appears in court documents as N.A. entered into a relationship with an alleged man with the initials A.A.

She met him through an online dating service. A new acquaintance said that he had recently moved to Indonesia with his family, was studying to be a surgeon and was engaged in the coal business.

Three months later, the couple secretly got engaged, although their marriage was not officially registered. The woman explained that the registration of the marriage was not possible because her husband did not have the documents that were required for this. The couple lived together in the house of N.A.’s parents.

Parents N.A. soon they began to suspect something and wondered why A.A. constantly out of money if he has such an impressive career.

To get rid of unnecessary questions, the lovers moved to the province of South Sumatra, where N.A. she sat at home for several months, and her husband controlled their finances. In April, mother N.A. contacted the police, who tracked down their daughter and her husband.

During the interrogation, A.A. stated that she was actually a woman. Parents N.A. wrote a statement to the police and accused the daughter’s fake husband of fraud with educational documents. In addition, they stated that they were defrauded of 300 million Indonesian rupiah (1.1 million rubles).

ON THE. posted her story on social media after her case in the Jambi City Court received wide publicity in Indonesia.

When social media users asked the woman in the comments about her sex life, she said that her partner always asked to turn off the lights and insisted that she be blindfolded.


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