A woman has been experiencing the consequences of COVID-19 for more than a year

(ORDO NEWS) — In different countries, a huge number of people suffer from fairly long-term consequences of the coronavirus. Some of them face only minor manifestations, while others face more serious ones.

Some people in the UK are saying that the multiple effects of the coronavirus have been devastating to health, social life, and financial well-being. At the same time, the disease itself was transferred in a fairly mild form.

Jasmine Geer, who is 32 years old, lives in London. She contracted the coronavirus in 2021. Once she dreamed of working as a yoga instructor, but today she can hardly speak.

Some time after infection, the woman realized that she began to suffocate at the slightest physical exertion. She is still on sick leave, although she really wants to start leading her usual lifestyle. She cannot do this due to a long covid.

In her blog, Jasmine noted that the disease is too insidious and unpredictable. No one can say exactly how the coronavirus will affect the health of a person. The woman is not sure that it will be possible to fully recover, but she continues to do everything possible for this.

The Englishwoman notes that she is not able to raise her left hand and therefore will not be able to work as a yoga trainer. It is very difficult for her to do even the simplest things that require minimal physical effort. For example, it is difficult for her to watch TV.

For 9 months, experts were sure that the symptoms arose as a result of anxiety. The woman complained of chest tightness and pain in the heart, fatigue, heart palpitations and shortness of breath.

These signs arose even when Jasmine began to speak or just walk. In this regard, she went to a clinic in London, where patients with long-term covid were treated. After some time, her condition began to noticeably improve.

After a full examination, doctors discovered other problems. For example, the level of oxygen in the lungs did not exceed 53%.

Exactly the same indicator was recorded in those patients who suffered from pulmonary disease. Additionally, an inflammatory process was found in the heart, and minor blood clots were present in the lungs.

Despite the fact that after the course of treatment they were completely eliminated, until today, insufficient amounts of blood and oxygen enter the lungs.


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