A woman drove a nail into her head to give birth to a boy

(ORDO NEWS) — In Palestine, a woman drove a nail into her head on the advice of a healer in order to give birth to a boy.

“She said that a woman in her area did the same thing [hammered a nail] and gave birth to a boy, even though the ultrasound showed that her unborn child is a girl,” said Dr. Haider Suleman, who admitted the injured woman to the hospital.

The nail penetrated deep into the woman’s skull, the family noticed “something was not right” when she lost consciousness, the dawn portal writes.

A woman drove a nail into her head to give birth to a boy 2

“They tried to remove it at home, but they couldn’t,” he said, adding that doctors successfully removed it after the operation.

The victim already has three children, all girls. According to her, her husband began to threaten her with a divorce if she gave birth to a fourth.

“She is three months pregnant, and because of her husband’s fear, she went to a healer who gave her tawiz, words to read and a nail.

Then she returned home and hammered a nail into her head,” said the staff of the medical facility.

Earlier it was reported that a woman gave birth in a sewer in front of her two-year-old son in Dzerzhinsk. The father, as eyewitnesses say, was waiting outside at that time.


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