A woman covered her body with tattoos of her son’s favorite comic book characters

(ORDO NEWS) — Juliana Foerster spent roughly $ 70,000 to cover her body in tattoos. The theme of the tattoo is the superheroes of the two popular universes MArvel and DC. On her body there are the most iconic characters, such as the Joker, Iron Man, and less famous ones.

Reported by The Sun.

Juliana is 33 years old and lives in Oberndorf, Germany. Her son inspired her to do this. He is a big fan of comics and movie universes, and Juliana loves tattoos.

It took the woman 3 years and 70 thousand dollars to cover her body with tattoos.

The woman got her first tattoo at the age of 18. Today, almost all of her body is covered with tattoos. There are no drawings only on the face and right buttock (according to Juliana).

There are more than just superheroes on a woman’s body. She said that one of her favorite portraits is the hero from the movie V – for Vendetta.

The German woman is fascinated by her body and has never regretted such a decision. She has many followers on social networks, she is a popular tattoo model in Germany.

Today Juliana has 157 thousand followers on Instagram. They recognize her on the streets, they often ask to take pictures with her. So the woman feels absolutely happy.


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