A woman bought a lottery ticket on the advice of a ghost and got rich

(ORDO NEWS) — In North Carolina, USA, a woman bought a lottery ticket minutes before the draw and became rich thanks to advice allegedly given to her by a ghost.

Stephanie Israel, 39, claims she was lying in bed late at night when she suddenly heard a ghost talking to her.

It seemed to her that he was advising to go online and buy a ticket to participate in an online raffle that started in four minutes. According to Israel, she decided to follow the recommendation.

In the morning, the woman received a notification that she had won 501 thousand dollars.

“When I saw this, I screamed for about 20 minutes. I think I scared the family a little,” Israel recalls.

Having visited the headquarters of the organizer of the lottery, she received 356 thousand dollars due to her after taxes.

The woman explained that all her relatives are very enterprising, so she plans to invest in a new business.


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