A woman after eating sushi for 9 months suffered from insomnia, hallucinations and urinary incontinence

(ORDO NEWS) — Doctors were perplexed when a 34-year-old US resident came to them with very strange symptoms. Two surveys showed nothing strange. The story would have ended in tears if the woman hadn’t accidentally remembered the sushi she ate before the start of the problems.

For nine months, the American woman could not sleep properly, and also suffered from urinary incontinence. From time to time she saw insects crawling along the walls of her house, arms and legs. It also felt like something was living in her stomach. Of course, there was nothing there.

As it turned out, raw fish in sushi was the cause of hallucinations and other mental disorders. The woman ate a not entirely fresh dish that she bought at a service station. At first everything was fine, but soon the incomprehensible began.

The doctor told the woman to have her feces tested. As expected, thousands of tapeworm eggs and even body parts were found in it. This creature can reach a length of 15 meters and adores vitamin B12, which is responsible for the functioning of the nervous system. The worm absorbed a decent dose of the compound, competing with the woman’s body. After taking Praziquantel, the worm successfully exited the body. The patient’s condition began to improve.


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