A white whale stranded on a beach in Victoria, Australia

(ORDO NEWS) — A white whale has washed up on a beach in the far east of Victoria, raising questions about whether it could be the famous white whale, Migaloo.

Local resident Peter Coles heard about the whale carcass on Mallacoota’s local radio station this morning.

The carcass was on a beach accessible only by water, so he took his kayak and went to have a look.

“I saw her from a distance, but she was a very strange color, just looked like a lump of white, and when I got closer, I saw stripes on her belly, so it was clearly a whale,” he said.

I got a good look at him and took some photos just in case someone needs to identify him.”

“It was quite impressive, it looked like a beautiful white marble sculpture.

“It was just unusual, so unusual, so unusual that it turned out great pictures.”


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