A way to reduce the risk of infection with the coronavirus has been found

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists have conducted a new study, the results of which have shown that regular physical activity can significantly reduce the risk of infection with the coronavirus.

In addition, there is less chance that even if an infection does occur, the disease will not be too severe. The risk of death also becomes lower.

In order for the coronavirus to not be so scary, you need to do 150 minutes a week of moderate intensity exercises or 75 minutes of maximum intensity.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that earlier studies were conducted that showed that sports are an excellent prevention of respiratory infections, because it allows you to significantly strengthen immunity.

At the moment, the relationship between physical activity and the coronavirus is not well understood, but it may additionally include environmental influences, metabolic factors, and more.

During the study, scientists tried to determine the necessary minimum physical activity in order to reduce the risk of infection.

In addition, the results of research conducted from the end of autumn 2019 until March 2022 were analyzed.

A total of 1,853,610 patients were studied, 54% of whom were women. The average age of all patients was 53 years. Most examinations were observational.

They were held on the territory of such countries as England, Spain, South Korea, Palestine, Sweden and South Africa.

The results of the study showed that people who regularly played sports reduced the risk of contracting the coronavirus by 11%.


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