A way to listen from a distance through a light bulb

(ORDO NEWS) — Israeli scientists from Ben-Gurion University spoke about a new technology of listening to conversations. This will require a telescope, a computer and an electro-optical sensor. The light is required to read the vibration generated by the voice.

According to the inventors, this technology belongs to the category of “visual wiretapping”. Using the above-described structure, all conversations can be recorded at a distance of about 100 meters. In order for the light bulb to perceive sound waves, it is necessary to install a special electro-optical sensor on it.

During operation, the telescope receives light vibrations, and the computer decodes the received signals back into sound format.

According to the developers, the prototype of the device presented by them may be of interest to intelligence officers who will certainly want to expand their arsenal of tracking tools.

Previously, cybersecurity experts discovered a new way to hack smart speakers and gained access to all the private conversations of the owners of this miracle technology.


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