A way has been found to minimize the risk of contracting COVID-19

(ORDO NEWS) — Regular physical activity has a positive effect on the human body, and also significantly reduces the risk of infection with COVID-19.

In addition, this is an excellent way to avoid complications, which include not only hospitalization, but also the death of the patient.

The latest analysis showed that if you do sports every week for 150 minutes with an average intensity indicator or 75 minutes at maximum intensity, then this will be an excellent protection against the coronavirus and those complications that can provoke the disease.

Previous studies have shown that as a result of regular sports, the risk of infection with the coronavirus can be significantly reduced.

In addition, if a person does get sick, it is much easier to tolerate the disease. Regular physical activity can significantly strengthen the immune system.

Today, the connection between the coronavirus and physical activity has not been studied well enough. A possible cause is metabolic factors.

Experts note that it can be influenced by environmental factors. They tried to establish what the minimum physical load should be so that an infectious disease bypasses a person or is transmitted as easily as possible.

The new study involved 1,853,610 adult participants, 54% of whom were women. The average age was 53 years. Scientists analyzed the data and found that those people who regularly played sports had an 11% lower risk of contracting the coronavirus than everyone else.

Additionally, it was found that the risk of hospitalization with complications was 36% lower. Physical activity increases protection against serious complications by 44%, and the risk of death becomes lower by 43%.


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