A warship full of silver and the bodies of soldiers was found in the Baltic

(ORDO NEWS) — The flagship of the fleet “died” during a naval battle. Archaeologists have indicated that having descended to the ship, they were transported 450 years ago. Archaeologist Richard Lundgren told The Express that it was very difficult to find the place where he sank. Researchers have spent a lot of time on this. Silver coins were found on board the ship, with a total value of € 13,000.

“The very cold and very dark water in the Baltic Sea preserves sunken ships in a fantastic way, so you can see all the details under all the decorations on the cannon and the coat of arms on the cannon,” said archaeologist Johan Ronnby.

Archaeologists, which is often rare, have found the bodies of dead soldiers. The researchers called the picture seen “a frozen battlefield.” Experts believe that most died from the explosion, which led to the sinking of the 48-meter ship.

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