A video appeared on the Web with three Kim Jong-un: who is the real one?

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — A video was published on the Internet in which Kim Jong-un talks with his clones. Obviously, these are the doubles that the media spoke about some time ago.

So far, only rumors have circulated about doubles. Now, apparently, these rumors have received evidence. The video was published on May 7 by Mirror. It is known that the video was made in North Korea after testing the Hwasong-14 ballistic missile back in 2017.

You can see on the video how Kim Jong-un is talking to a man who is practically his copy: a man has the same clothes, haircut and physique. A third man stands a little further, also reminiscent of a North Korean leader.

Rumors that Kim Jong-un is resorting to the services of doubles have not been news for a long time. According to sources, the leader takes them on trips to protect themselves from possible contract killings.

The topic of the doubles was again discussed after the recent demise of Kim Jong-jean, and then his “resurrection”. When the whole world began to believe that North Korea was left without its head, a video suddenly appeared on which live Kim Jong-un cuts ribbons at the opening of a new fertilizer factory. Some users noticed oddities that indicated that the video was actually a double.

Unfortunately, there is very little evidence. The only thing you can rely on is a birthmark on the wrist, which the real Kim Jong-un does not have. Every day more and more facts about the doubles of the North Korean leader appear.


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