A very rare snake found in the USA – the second time in 60 years

(ORDO NEWS) — The discovery of the wild-born eastern indigo snake marks the success of an intensive reptile recovery program in the state.

The discovered snake was clearly born in the wild, and did not escape from the terrarium: it is small in size and does not have a special label.

“The snake found yesterday indicates that the project has led to the breeding of indigo snakes, which is what we wanted!”

The Alabama Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Administration posted on Facebook. “Restoring a species in its natural range is no easy task, and we are celebrating every step of its success!”

The reptile found – the largest snake living in the United States – used to be found throughout Alabama. But the snakes became extinct in the state in the 1950s, mostly due to habitat loss, according to the local Department of Conservation and Natural Resources.

A very rare snake found in the USA the second time in 60 years 2

However, snakes are an essential element of the ecosystem. Jim Godwin, a zoologist with the Alabama Natural Heritage Program, run by the Auburn University Museum of Natural History, said eastern indigo snakes have historically been “apex predators” in the forests where they live. Thus, the decline in the snake population has a “domino effect” on other species in the ecosystem.

The discovery of wild snakes means that the released snakes survived and produced offspring, which gives hope for the success of this species in Alabama.

“This is a great indicator that the captive-born snakes we released have been able to adapt to the wild, function like their wild counterparts, and breed,” said Godwin.

According to Godwin, the discovered snake was clearly born in the wild due to two factors: its small size and the lack of a special mark.


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