A US professor once proposed blowing up the moon

(ORDO NEWS) — The destruction of the moon has been proposed as a way to solve many of our planet’s problems.

Since the birth of the solar system, the moon has remained a constant satellite of our planet, but what would happen if the moon did not exist?

Back in 1991, Alexander Abian, a professor of mathematics at the University of Iowa, put forward a theory he called the Moonless Earth Theory. In it, he suggested that the destruction of our lunar neighbor could provide a number of benefits that would benefit our life on Earth.

The basis of this idea was that this would eliminate the wobbles of the planet (and with them the seasons), which would ensure stable weather and eliminate extreme winds, blizzards, droughts and more.

To achieve this goal, he proposed to drill a hole in the lunar surface and install a nuclear device deep in the bowels of the moon.

The idea is, of course, completely absurd – not least because of the insurmountable damage it would cause to the planet’s climate and wildlife.

On top of that, an explosion on the Moon could cause massive amounts of lunar debris to rain down on us and could even destabilize Earth’s orbit around the Sun.


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