A teddy bear was found at a depth of ten kilometers

(ORDO NEWS) — How and who could leave a plush toy at a depth of 10 km below sea level? In one of the deepest points in the world, at a depth of Emden (10,400 meters, exact depth), a microbiologist saw a teddy bear through the window. Emden Depth is located near Siargao Island in the Philippines. This is the third deepest point on Earth.

Reported by Caladan Oceanic.

Deo Onda and Victor Veskovo (American explorers) dived to a depth of more than 10 thousand meters for the first time. The entire expedition lasted 12 hours, only 4 hours were spent on the descent, another 4 on the ascent and the remaining 4 on the depth exploration.

What scientists noticed at depth, plunged them into an unpleasant shock. Firstly, it is unclear how the toy ended up there. Secondly, it is very bitter to realize the fact that human household items have already reached such places.

The unpleasant finds did not end there. They also found a plastic bag, plastic packaging for chips and a lot of other debris at a depth. It would seem that it should be clean at such a depth, but this is one of the dirtiest places that you have ever visited. This is how the researchers spoke about their immersion.


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