A strange type of glacier discovered on Mars

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(ORDO NEWS) — A recent study by scientists has shown that the unusual winding relief of the flat plain known as Arcadia Planitia bears a striking resemblance to the ice sheets of Antarctica.

In case these are indeed glaciers with frozen water, then this region should be explored by a future mission. The wide flat plain has attracted NASA scientists because it is ideal for landing spaceships. In addition, the discovered ice can become an additional source of water for astronauts.

The head of the study, Shannon Hibbard, said that the objects they discovered in the form of streams look very strange.

A strange type of glacier discovered on Mars 2

The Arcadia Planitia region is located in the northern lowlands of Mars. Active lava flows have smoothed its surface over three million years. Therefore, there are very few craters here compared to other places on the Red Planet.

Scientists have studied the data transmitted by satellites for many years and came to the conclusion that the soil in these places is rich in hydrogen. It is known that water is composed of oxygen and hydrogen molecules, and this may indicate the presence of water ice under the surface.

In addition, near the low hills, scientists have discovered protrusions that strikingly resemble the exit points of glaciers covered with a thin layer of rocky rock. The striped patterns inside the ravines are very similar to the glaciers of the Earth, which, when melted, spread over the valleys.


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