A strange light appeared in the sky over Texas

(ORDO NEWS) — The incident occurred in a wasteland 4 kilometers from Texas (USA). According to a video that is going viral, a strange light has appeared in the sky over the United States.

Many people were shocked, not knowing exactly what it was, and there is still no official explanation.

In a video that is gaining popularity, a strange light appeared in the sky of America, and many eyewitnesses and other researchers claim that this is a real UFO.

A strange light appeared in the sky over Texas 2

According to eyewitnesses, this was observed in the desert 4 kilometers from Texas. Such phenomena are very unusual, but those who manage to get close do not hesitate a second to turn on the cameras of their smartphones and thus prove the existence of UFOs.

Despite the fact that various evidence of the existence of UFOs can be seen on the Web, today they are very doubtful, and official science does not seek to comment on them in order to avoid reputational risks.

In addition, some believe that someone can use various special effects to mislead people, and they believe in something that does not exist.


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