A strange energy beam appears over the Sakurajima volcano

(ORDO NEWS) — In early October, a CCTV camera captured several UFOs over the Sakurajima volcano. Local residents also saw them and began to look at the records more often. Once again, a mysterious energy beam appeared over the giant.

Something appears and disappears within an hour, so artifacts and problems during video shooting are excluded. Outwardly, the beam is too powerful and intense. It is difficult to say which human apparatus is capable of emitting something like that.

It is much more likely that the beam was released by an extraterrestrial apparatus that was generally in space. Since the energy was directed directly into the volcano, and not in the direction of California, for example, we can conclude that it was the giant who was interested in extraterrestrial civilizations.

According to conspiracy theories, aliens are the force that saves humanity from disasters. It follows from this that the volcano could start an eruption, and the aliens stopped it. It is worth noting that three meteorites landed in the volcano area in November.

This is hardly a coincidence. It is possible that the aliens have a military base inside the mountain.

The latter theory is about American air defense. The military could thus aim to launch some kind of projectile.


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