A strange dark substance was observed in the sky over Sydney

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(ORDO NEWS) — A dark, thin mass floating in the sky over water in Sydney has puzzled people.

“Can someone explain to me what this is?” wrote one TikTok user on Sunday, after filming an unusual scene playing out in front of him.

In the video, some kind of dark mass floats in the air above the water, separate from other clouds.

The Sydney man who filmed the spectacle suggested it looked like “liquid metal” and believed it wasn’t a cloud at all.

The video has garnered thousands of comments from netizens.

Some said that the unusual mass resembled a UFO, while others said that it was probably normal air pollution. Many compared it to the “Dementor” from the Harry Potter movie, like a dark soul gliding through the air.

But most came to the conclusion that this mass was actually a “scud” cloud. This type of cloud forms at a low altitude above the ground. Usually it is isolated from other clouds and has an irregular shape.

“This is due to the low humidity when there is a storm,” one of them said. But others were not so sure.

“I don’t think it’s a cloud,” one replied.

“I just googled ‘scud cloud’, scrolled through countless images, none looked like this,” agreed another.

Martin Singh of Monash University agreed that “this is indeed a strange looking formation”, but he confirmed that it is indeed a skud cloud, also called a pannus.

“Sometimes these clouds form when rain evaporates below the main storm, moistening the air and eventually leading to the formation of secondary clouds,” he told Yahoo News Australia.

“Under these conditions, they are not part of an organized updraft, and so they can look jagged.”

Scad clouds, which are widespread, often have a “thin and broken appearance,” he explained, but said the video’s “pretty extreme.”

Although the report was released on Sunday, it is likely that the scad cloud appeared in the sky on Saturday evening after a severe thunderstorm swept over Sydney.


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