A strange black spot was discovered on a photograph from Mars

(ORDO NEWS) — New images from the Mars rover Perseverance have attracted the attention of scientists and people who follow the study of Mars. The thing is that the image shows a black dot. It hovers over the Martian surface.

Research on Mars is actively ongoing. Last week, NASA received new images of the planet’s surface from the rover.

A black spot was noticed on one of the photos. This pixel was in the air. It is impossible to see what exactly it was from the photo.

It is known that the camera on which the shot from Perseverance was shot is located on the mast of the rover.

The image shows the Martian landscape: the sky, rocky terrain and … a black dot. Some people immediately began to assume that these are aliens traveling in their microship.

In fact, there is no dark object – it is an ordinary “dead pixel”. Such phenomena are formed from micron-sized dust and debris particles.

You can notice them only if the camera takes pictures of the sky or a flat radiometric surface. Justin Maki, a specialist working at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, told about it.

There were speculations that this debris from Earth got to Mars, like an ordinary package. He also said that “broken pixels” had appeared in pictures before.

There are also such shots in the series of October photos from the red planet. There is no need to suspect UFOs and extraterrestrial life in everything. Sometimes a speck is just a speck.

Anyone with Internet access can observe Mars with NASA. To do this, you need to go to the agency’s official website and sign up for a free newsletter. After that, photos from Perseverance , recordings of sounds, etc. will start arriving in the e-mail.


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