A star that explodes every day has been discovered

(ORDO NEWS) — Astronomers from the USA have discovered a very interesting star, which they have designated as V2487 Oph. It differs from many other known objects in that it produces fairly strong superflares every day.

Superflares are incredibly strong releases of huge amounts of energy. If we talk about their strength, then in this case they are much more powerful than standard solar flares. The star V2487 Oph, which regularly produces them, is one of the recurrent novae.

This is a kind of cataclysmic variable, which consists of a small white dwarf. He, in turn, tries to capture as much material as possible from the star that acts as his companion. The new ones are able to easily increase their luminosity level due to the fact that very powerful explosions occur on their surface.

If we consider classic new ones, then they can change their luster over a long period of time. In the case of recurrent objects, everything is much faster. For example, this star was recorded by astronomers in June 1998.

The brightness of the object has increased in just 18 years, which suggests that the next event may occur in the near future. The peak value of the stellar magnitude previously reached 9.5.

Superflares on the surface of V2487 Oph can occur under the influence of magnetic fields. Enormous amounts of energy are released under the influence of magnetic reconnection, which occurs after the many lines of force that make up the magnetic field twist over the accretion disk. V2487 Oph is one of the most extreme stars that can produce outbursts of this magnitude so frequently.


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