A special fixative for medical masks has been created. It is attached to the face and improves the protective properties

(ORDO NEWS) — American scientists have created a special elastic mount for medical masks. Thanks to it, ordinary masks can provide the same protection as N95.

Scientists from the USA have figured out how to improve a medical mask – you just need to put on a special retainer on top

Medical N95 respirators are renowned for their protective properties. They tightly close the areas of the nose and mouth, have special clamps and consist of five layers.

Their effectiveness in protecting against saliva droplets containing virus particles has been scientifically proven . However, such respirators are much more expensive than conventional medical masks, so not everyone can afford to wear them on an ongoing basis.

In this situation, scientists wondered if it was possible to come up with a method that would improve the protective properties of conventional masks, but at the same time be relatively inexpensive?

The problem with such protective devices is that they do not fit tightly to the face, due to which microdroplets fly out through the holes.

In this situation, American scientists from Rice University proposed a rather primitive but effective way to improve conventional masks – a special elastomer retainer that is attached to the face over the mask. As part of their study, they used several mannequins with different structural features to test different shaped retainers.

Then they tested the protective properties of their mount on people – volunteers put on regular masks and masks with a retainer and just breathed. At this time, they were filmed by an infrared camera.

A special fixative for medical masks has been created It is attached to the face and improves the protective properties 2

                                 Left: In a conventional mask, air escapes through holes in the eye

                                  and cheek area. Right: Air cannot escape mask due to retainer

The last prototype of the retainer turned out to be the most successful – it protects 15 times better from the spread of droplets with virus particles than conventional masks. It is also easy to disinfect and reuse.


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