A solar eclipse can either end the coronavirus pandemic, or make it even worse

(ORDO NEWS) — The Indian scientist is confident that the solar eclipse, which can be observed already on Sunday, may cause the pandemic to cease or even intensify it. This theory was proposed by Dr. K.L. Sundar Krishna, who works in the city of Chennai, located in India.

At the end of last year, when an annular solar eclipse was expected, the doctor said that as a result of this, a mutation of the well-known virus could occur. As a result, the simplest disease that did not cause complications before will turn into a terrible pandemic.

In one of his interviews, Dr. Krishna said that every solar eclipse becomes the cause of the formation of a “planetary configuration and alignment of planets in the solar system. Because of this, various kinds of interplanetary anomalies can occur. During an eclipse, our planet will be in a stream of special neutron radiation for a few moments, which can provoke spasmodic mutations.

“The virus is formed in the uppermost layers of the Earth’s atmosphere and will be bombarded by a stream of neutrons that will go from the Sun. As a result of this, the virus either completely disappears or mutates. If a mutation occurs, then in the end it can reach the surface of the planet and begin to self-produce, ”says Dr. Krishna.

Initially, the doctor’s version seemed extremely doubtful to everyone, but when the coronavirus pandemic began to spread in a couple of months, the opinion of colleagues changed dramatically. Then, for a while, the doctor was again forgotten, but now he has appeared with a new statement. It, of course, resembles the past, but the difference is that the virus will either be killed, or mutate, or become stronger. It is not clear yet how far the doctor will be right, but now scientists have discovered the first mutations of the coronavirus in Ladakh.


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