A ship that sank 1300 years ago was found in Israel

(ORDO NEWS) — Sometimes the element of water destroys everything in its path, and sometimes it brings invaluable gifts to archaeologists, divers and historians.

A 1,300-year-old shipwreck was found after a storm off the coast of Israel. Sea waves washed away the sand, and two local divers noticed that a piece of wood was sticking out of the bottom.

A group of divers arrived at the scene and discovered the sunken ship. Two hundred amphorae with olives, dates and figs were found on board. Analysis of the wood showed that the ship is 1,300 years old.

Scientists believe that the ship was a merchant ship, most likely it visited the entire Mediterranean. In the past, traders from Western countries brought their goods to Israel.

Even after the Islamic conquest in the VII century. merchant ships did not stop arriving here.

Sooner than ever, the ship ran aground, then there was a storm and it sank. Sea sand and silt preserved the wreckage and everything on deck.

The find was near Maagan-Michael for more than a thousand years, and no one even had a clue about this artifact.

The excavation was led by Deborah Zwickel, a marine archaeologist from the University of Haifa. She said that in the 7th and 8th centuries trade flourished in these parts. At the same time, the Byzantine Empire was declining, and Islam was expanding.

This time is quite interesting to study, because Israel was the center of international trade relations. The archaeologist said that a large number of merchant ships sank near Israel in the past.

We cannot rule out the possibility that the bottom of the sea is strewn with treasures, gold and silver.

With the help of an underwater pilot, archaeologists conducted underwater excavations. They managed to unearth a part of the vessel – its width is 5 m and its length is 20 m.

Pottery amphorae contained various products: fish sauce, dates, olives. Also found were tools for swimming, personal belongings belonging to sailors, and the remains of beetles and rodents.


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