A secret military report on UFOs appeared in the public domain, which was shown only to the US Congress

(ORDO NEWS) — Last year, US National Intelligence published a major report on UFOs. However, not all documents were made available to the general public. Now some secret reports have appeared in the public domain.

In 2021, the Pentagon released a major UFO report. The paper stated that all but one of the 144 UFO sightings reported by military personnel over the past 17 years remained unexplained.

However, the report was generally disappointing to enthusiasts, as it concluded that “the limited number of high-quality reports of unidentified aerial phenomena prevents us from drawing firm conclusions about the nature or intentions of UFOs.”

But not all documents were shown to the public

Despite the fact that the report appeared in the public domain, additional secret documents were shown to members of the US Congress.

These documents have now appeared on The Black Vault , a private database of declassified UFO records. Anyone can view them in PDF format .

What is contained in these secret records?

Unfortunately, most of the files have been edited. However, interesting details can still be found in them.

“In a limited number of incidents, UFOs reportedly exhibited unusual flight characteristics, including in several cases where [redacted] involving [redacted]. “These sightings may be the result of sensor errors, spoofing, or observer misperceptions and require further scrutiny,” one of the secret reports says.

Other documents include points such as “And several UFOs appear to exhibit advanced technology” and “UFOs probably don’t have a single explanation” .

There are descriptions and specific cases of UFO sightings. One of them outlined descriptions of a pilot who tried to hold the plane during strong winds, while the UFO did not react to the wind.

The report concludes that the Pentagon will continue to study UFOs, especially when it is considered a matter of national security.


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