A second fast radio burst from the same celestial body has been registered. What if it’s aliens

(ORDO NEWS) — With the help of two large radio telescopes, scientists for the first time were able to detect a second fast radio burst coming from the same object.

All previously detected fast radio bursts came from different celestial bodies. There is a hypothesis that these most powerful radio signals are messages from alien civilizations. And the second signal from one source in a sense confirms this hypothesis.

These events are quite rare, but astronomers have never observed two signals from the same point. The strangest thing is that their nature is still unknown

The new fast radio burst, called FRB 190520, provides strong evidence that various celestial objects can be the source of these mysterious signals. The new object is the second on record to not only produce repetitive fast radio bursts, but also to emit weaker, constant radiation between major events.

Mysterious Fast Radio Burst

First detected in 2007, fast radio bursts release more energy in a few milliseconds than the Sun does in a year. Astronomers have long puzzled over the source of these sudden bright flashes.

But because they predominantly come from galaxies that are millions or even billions of light-years away, flare quickly, and don’t recur, identifying their sources is very difficult.

Researchers first saw the new fast radio burst FRB 190520 using the Chinese spherical radio telescope with a five-hundred-meter aperture FAST. FAST confirmed that the distant object emitted frequent and repetitive radio bursts, and later observations made with the VLA array in New Mexico pinpointed its location.

The scientists found that the source of the repetitive bursts was in a dwarf galaxy about 3 billion light-years from Earth.

The VLA also confirmed that the source of FRB 190520 was small and compact, and that it studied weaker signals between large outbursts.

Two flashes from the same source, on the one hand, can lead scientists to new hypotheses regarding their nature, but on the other hand, they raise even more questions, because for the first time astronomers were able to record two fast radio bursts from one source.

There is a hypothesis that fast radio bursts are the most powerful radio signals from alien civilizations. And the second signal from one source in a sense confirms this hypothesis.


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