A sculpture of the tortured body of Jesus Christ appeared in Spain

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(ORDO NEWS) — Spanish sculptors created an incredibly realistic sculpture of Jesus Christ.

All the wounds that were inflicted on the Messiah are clearly visible on the body. Special latex and silicone were used to create the severed body, and the hairstyle was made from real human hair.

The body has a realistic appearance. You can see it at the exhibition in the cathedral of Salamanca in Spain. The specimen will stay there until the end of 2022, and then it will go on a world tour.

All those who wish can already go to the cathedral and see the exhibit. Exhibition curator Alvaro Blanco spoke of the enormous amount of work that went into creating the tortured body.

First, the Shroud, in which the body of the Messiah was wrapped, was studied for 15 years. The Shroud of Turin was first mentioned in 1354.

This is the shroud in which the body of Christ was wrapped, and then it was kept in it until the resurrection (a story from the Bible).

At the same time, the Catholic Church has not officially given confirmation that the fabric is real and not a fake.

Secondly, no one wanted to take on such responsibility and create something similar, because hyperrealism is a rather complex art form.

Sculptors made a body that reproduces the height and physique of Jesus as much as possible. His height was 177 cm, and his weight was 75 kg.

On the man’s body are depicted all the injuries that Jesus Christ received. This project was called “Mysterious Man”.

The authors of the masterpiece themselves are sure that they were able to combine archeology, art, and science in this sculpture. Also, the artists assure that they recreated absolutely all the injuries that the son of God received.

The appearance of the statue is really creepy, especially for those people who do not know much about the Bible and do not know that Jesus was first tortured and then killed.

On the head of the statue, cuts from the crown of thorns, traces of crucifixion, as well as scratches and a spear wound are clearly visible (in total, dozens of injuries all over the body).


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