A resident of the Dominican Republic staged a rehearsal of her own funeral

(ORDO NEWS) — Mayra Alonso, a resident of the Dominican Republic, decided to arrange a very strange rehearsal. She organized a funeral for herself. This took place at the end of April in the city of Santiago. Her whole family said goodbye to Myra.

Listin Diario reports.

The rehearsal took place in a very strange way, because while a living woman was lying in her own coffin, her relatives, friends and relatives said goodbye to her with tears in their eyes. The woman arrived at her own farewell ceremony in a hearse. She was dressed in all white, she rented a coffin. Mayra’s head was adorned with a flower crown.

Such an unusual party cost the woman $ 1000. Most of the money went to rent a coffin and a hearse. Also had to pay for a table with treats for guests. She took clothes from her wardrobe.

Alonso claims that her own funeral was an old dream of hers. A woman with such an unusual sense of humor advised her friends and family to live as long as possible. In the coffin, according to her words, it is comfortable, warm, but very lonely. The Dominican woman shared the news about the “party” on social networks. The reaction from subscribers was mixed. Some of them admired such an attitude towards death, and the second part condemned it for “rehearsal of the funeral”.


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