A resident of Great Britain showed the world “a son from an alien”

(ORDO NEWS) — Jane Buckle – 68 year old resident of Great Britain is sure that she was abducted by aliens. At the same time, after the abduction, she was returned to the pregnant woman. All Britons were shocked by the sensational announcement.

A pensioner from Hungerford claims to have given birth to an “alien”. She filmed footage of the birth of such an unusual child on video and posted it on the network. According to the pensioner, alien beings abducted her in March 2021. Jane Buckle was reviewing her favorite TV show when she suddenly felt unknown vibrations.

The British claims that she was hypnotized and injected with an unknown sedative. When the woman woke up, she was already pregnant.

The pensioner recorded a whole video with imitation of labor. She also showed the face of a “child”. It turned out to be an ordinary toy alien. But Jane treats him like a newborn: swaddles, changes diapers, even gave him a name. The “miracle child” is called Target Elvis.

The woman assures that this is her son and she addresses him as a living being. The Briton is sure that the aliens chose her for a reason. Jane Buckle, according to her, became the chosen one in order to establish contact between earthlings and an alien civilization.

The neighbors of the strange family gave them a stroller. They note that Jane is a good-natured neighbor, and in this way they just decided to support her.


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