A resident of Canada found huge footprints near his house

(ORDO NEWS) — On January 19, Roy Watson, a resident of the Canadian city of Kelowna, found strange traces of a huge creature on his site. The first thing that comes to mind is that a Bigfoot has entered the site. The creature was clearly humanoid.

It’s just that the huge footprints in the mud scared the man. An uninvited guest tore apart a trash can and broke the gate of the fence. Of course, everyone would have thought of the yeti first, but Roy did not believe in his own theory.

The Canadian decided to contact Bigfoot experts. Representative of the organization Brian Wells noted that he could not say for sure whether the yeti really left the trail. The track size was 17-20 units. For example, size 14 corresponds to the European value of 48. The foot width was 15 centimeters. One can imagine how huge the tracks were.

Roy Watson is worried about what happened. Someone may still be visiting his site. Now he does not let his dog go for a walk on his own, and before going to bed he carefully checks whether all doors are closed.


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