A renowned physician described how a person felt at the time of death

(ORDO NEWS) — The world famous doctor Sam Parnia spoke about how a person feels directly at the time of death. He noted the fact that in fact the process does not cause any unpleasant sensations, as many are accustomed to believe.

This is reported by Express.

Sam Parnia said that as a result, much less oxygen begins to flow into the human brain. Because of this, the brain circuits are gradually turned off and loss of consciousness occurs. Do not forget about the presence of a certain mental process that makes people not afraid of death if they have previously experienced a near-death experience.

Even if a person feels pain before death, the process of death itself is peaceful and comfortable. People have repeatedly spoken about the appearance of light, which begins to attract to itself.

Today you can meet a lot of people who “have been on the other side.” They claim that there is an afterlife. For example, a woman named Rebecca, after losing consciousness under water, was high above the Earth. She said that at that moment she felt incredible happiness that cannot be described in words. In turn, Sam Parnia added that this is not evidence of the existence of an afterlife, because such reactions have a completely scientific explanation.


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