A region found in the Milky Way where stars will soon explode en masse

(ORDO NEWS) — Researchers have discovered a new region in our galaxy called Cepheusspur. According to the findings, the area is filled with blue stars that are about to explode.

The discovery was made thanks to the Gaia telescope of the European Space Agency. The region is located in the Milky Way between the spiral arms of Orion and Perseus. It is known that the size of stars there is three times the size of the Sun. The objects are the hottest, shortest-lived and largest in the entire galaxy.

Incessant nuclear reactions have caused the stars to be 6 times hotter than the Sun. When their lifespan comes to an end, powerful explosions occur, bodies are transformed into supernovae.

By determining the distance to the stars, scientists were able to create a star map. The abundance of printed information made experts wonder how tiny they are in the universe.

The region of interest belongs to the spiral galactic disk, which contains a huge portion of our galaxy’s material. The study of Cepheusspur may help clarify some of the details of the Milky Way’s past.


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