A puppy with one eye and two languages ​​was born in the Philippines

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(ORDO NEWS) — A perfectly healthy dog ​​brought in a real genetic mutant with one eye and several languages. The puppy turned out to be so scary that it seriously scared the owner Amy de Martin.

The owner of the dog carried the cub to the veterinarian. He suggested that during pregnancy, the female could eat something poisonous. This was the reason for the problematic development of the fetus.

The puppy lived for several hours and then died. According to the hostess, he was born due to the confluence of two factors. Firstly, it was the first birth for the dog. Secondly, the animal is already old. She got pregnant just at the age when the canine menopause is about to occur. All this could lead to malfunctions during the bearing of puppies.

The born cyclops was not able to drink milk himself, and therefore his fate was a foregone conclusion. The woman decided not to bury the animal, but to mummify and store it in a glass jar, so that she could later show it to curious residents.


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