A programmer using neural networks created a girl for himself

(ORDO NEWS) — The programmer, known under the pseudonym Bryce, became interested in neural networks and decided to combine their capabilities to create a virtual character with the appearance of an anime girl.

He used the ChatGPT chatbot, the Stable Diffusion 2 image-generating neural network, and Microsoft Azure TTS, which generates voice and camera image recognition.

Bryce said the resulting system is more than just fun. Bryce has been using ChatGPT-chan to learn Chinese for the past two weeks.

“During this time, I became very attached to her. I talked to her more than anyone else, even more than my real girlfriend,” said Bryce.

As a result, the real girl Bryce, not surprisingly, forced him to remove his high-tech “brainchild”. However, the developer intends to return to his project and refine it when the technology improves.


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