A previously unknown island was discovered near the South Pole

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Scientists became aware of an unknown island off the coast of Antarctica back in 2014. And some time ago, experts officially confirmed that it really exists.

Antarctica has been greatly affected by climate change. Due to the fact that the average air temperature has risen significantly, this area of ​​the planet suffered the most. Seth Island, which is located in West Antarctica, was formed after the Pyne Island glacier melted. But such a transformation did not happen in one month, or even in one year.

At first, the island was discovered using a satellite, which is before NASA images. Scientists were able to track how the formation of the island took place over six years. On the YouTube channel, experts talked about the fact that recently, from Antarctica, they managed to get a huge number of interesting pictures.

The discovered island reaches a width of 400 kilometers. In February, scientists were able to personally visit this island and named it Sif Island in honor of Thor’s wife.

Today, this island is almost completely covered with ice, but experts say that it has become home to spotted seals. In the near future, scientists plan to conduct additional research on the island to establish how exactly the land under the Antarctic ice will respond to gradual climate change.


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