A powerful magnetic storm will hit the Earth in September 2021

(ORDO NEWS) — In September, meteorological people should expect only one magnetic storm, but it will be incredibly strong and for many it will be a real test. 

The meteorological strike will occur immediately at the beginning of the next month. FIAN reports this.

Experts predict that the geomagnetic field will be relatively calm in the fall. But in early September, powerful fluctuations can occur, which will cause some people to feel unwell. You need to prepare by September 3. 

The change in the geomagnetic field on this day will reach an impressive mark of 4 points. Weather dependent people may complain of severe headaches, drowsiness, and irritability. It is worth noting that the risk group includes those who have problems with the cardiovascular system. 

At the same time, those who do not depend on solar flares should also be careful.

Experts noted that literally several magnetic storms with a high power indicator may occur before the end of this year. 

At the same time, there are suggestions that after the first solar flare, which scored the highest X score, their number may increase. The reason for this is that the 25th cycle of the Sun has begun and its activity is gradually beginning to grow.

During a strong magnetic storm, doctors advise to reduce to a minimum any stress on the body and always have medicines on hand if there are any chronic diseases. You need to get more rest, give up bad habits and revise your diet.


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