A powerful earthquake hits western Turkey

(ORDO NEWS) — An earthquake of 7 on the Richter scale occurred on Friday afternoon between Greece and Turkey, as a result of which several cities, including resort ones, in both states were affected, and the “echo” of the tremors reached even Athens and Istanbul. The epicenter of the earthquake, according to the US Geological Survey, was north of the island of Samos in Greece and about 18 km from the Turkish province of Izmir at a depth of 16.5 km.

On the territory of Greece tremors lasted for several minutes. Turkey’s data speaks of 15 seconds. Panic began on the island of Samos, people still remain in the squares and streets. Several buildings have collapsed on the eastern side of the island. On the resort island of Kos, tourists were urged to leave the beaches, a tsunami warning sounded. Strong waves have indeed been recorded.

On the Turkish side, there are demolitions in Izmir province. Many buildings were destroyed and damaged, including in the city of the same name, as well as in its vicinity. Among the hardest hit is the Seferihisar district in Izmir province. Search and rescue work has already begun. Also, it is not yet known about the destruction of hotels. According to the latest figures from Turkish emergency services, at least four people have died. Another 120 were injured. In this case, we are talking only about Turkey.

The earthquake between Turkey and Greece, as expected, led to a tsunami in the Turkish province of Izmir – the sea retreated, after which the sea water hit the shore. In some places, the returning wave spread towards settlements – for example, the streets in Seferihisar, the most affected city in the province of Izmir, were swept by sea water by about a meter.

The epicenter of the earthquake was in the area of ​​the city of Seferihisar, Izmir province. At least two dozen buildings collapsed in Izmir. At least 12 people were killed. More than 400 more were affected.

During the rescue operation, 70 people were removed from the rubble. The Association of Tour Operators said that there may be Russians in Izmir, but there was no evidence that they were dangerous.

Tremors were also recorded in Greece, there is destruction on the island of Samos. The foreign ministers of Turkey and Greece agreed on mutual assistance.

Neighboring countries announced their readiness to help Turkey in eliminating the consequences of the natural disaster.

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