A potentially dangerous asteroid will approach Earth in early 2021

(ORDO NEWS) — Various asteroids and even comets regularly fly by the Earth. This has already become commonplace, but some of the cosmic bodies pass too close, which worries many scientists. NASA has provided data that a potentially dangerous asteroid called 2020 YA1 will soon approach our planet.

The asteroid is due to fly by on January 3rd. According to preliminary data, its width reaches 16 meters, and its dimensions exceed the dimensions of a double-decker bus. The asteroid’s speed is 3.7 kilometers per second. This speed is not very high by cosmic standards. The asteroid will fly 1.6 million kilometers from Earth, which is only 4 times more than the distance from our planet to the Moon. That is why it was classified as a potentially dangerous space object.

To date, experts say that the asteroid does not pose any danger to the Earth and its trajectory passes in such a way that there will definitely not be a collision. Despite this, experts continue to monitor the space body to avoid surprises.


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