A police report about a meeting with a UFO appeared on the Internet

(ORDO NEWS) — A strange police report recently appeared on the internet. It was written in 2008, but it was only recently that the document was uploaded to the web. The report describes the encounter of police officers with UFOs. This happened in the small town of Claudio, near Rio de Janeiro.

This is reported by Express.

Edison Boaventura and Paulo Werner received this report. And then they uploaded it to social networks. The document was translated into English by Ronnie Vernet, an explorer of unidentified aerial phenomena. He said that 10 police officers from the town of Claudio confirmed that they had encountered a UFO.

The date is November 19, 2008 in the report. The document includes statements from civilians and police officers. Renata Welzow, one of the witnesses whose testimony is included in the report, described how one huge luminous object descended from the sky. He was accompanied by two smaller UFOs. One UFO satellite was silver in color, and the other was bright scarlet.

UFOs have been spotted in the city center. They approached the local church and the largest object began to glow brightly. All the lights in the area went out. Then the UFO flew up sharply and disappeared. At the same time, the objects did not emit any noise.

The report doesn’t end there. It goes on to describe how the police assembled a search party and chased the humanoids into a reed field. Creatures up to 1 meter high, their heads were oval, their arms were long, thin, and most importantly, they glowed in the dark. They did not run, but seemed to float in the air. The police pursued in a pickup truck, but the aliens disappeared into the field without a trace.

Scientists have long been skeptical about such claims. The reason for the mistrust is that all the testimony is not confirmed by the video about the photo with the facts.


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