A plane crash survivor told what he ate 72 days before the arrival of the rescuers

(ORDO NEWS) — The story of Uruguayan Jose Luis Inciarte is striking: in order to survive the plane crash in the Andes, he and 15 other people had to eat the flesh of dead passengers.

The incident occurred on October 13, 1972, when a charter flight Montevideo-Mendoza-Santiago crashed in the Andes. 16 out of 45 people were destined to survive, but they cannot be called lucky.

Even 49 years later, the man remembers the incident with pain. He stayed in the mountains with the rest of the passengers for 72 days. There was almost no water, let alone any food. In addition, on the radio, they heard the news that the search for the plane had stopped. The hope of salvation slowly began to fade.

To survive, Louis and his partner ate the corpses of people. Taking even a bite into your mouth was an incredible physical and mental effort. It was as if the hand itself refused to put the flesh on the tongue. The survivors decided to resort to such extremes after the meeting. There was no other way out.

Three daredevils went to seek help. Surprisingly, they managed to meet a shepherd, who called the rescuers. The story has served as the basis for many films and TV series. Jose does not want to remember her to this day.


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