A place on Earth where the temperature does not rise, but falls

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — In general, our planet is getting hotter. Most experts believe that global warming was triggered by an increase in greenhouse gas emissions. But right in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean there is a small area where the temperature does not rise every year, but rather decreases.

For the first time, this site was discovered back in 2015 and since then, the “cold spot” has been of interest to many climatologists. Due to the fact that a very complex oceanic circulation is present in this area, it was rather difficult to explain the origin of the spot.

Specialists from the Institute of Meteorology. Max Planck in Germany used special long-term climate modeling to conduct the study. Several different configurations were developed at once to determine which ones became the cause of the temperature drop in this section of the ocean.

One of the factors that could be established did not cause any surprise, because it is confirmed by those studies that were conducted earlier. This is the flow of water that occurs as a result of the circulation of the Atlantic Ocean. If we compare the speed of the current with the indicators of the last century, then it has significantly decreased. The course has become much weaker than in the middle of the last century.

The current draws most of the warm, salty surface water that comes from the tropics and changes it to the cold fresh water that it receives from melting ice. It is not entirely clear what exactly caused the slowdown. Some models show that the cause could be too much meltwater from Greenland. If we take into account also global warming, we get a completely believable version.


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