A place has been found in the Milky Way where another civilization could live

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists have used computer simulations and discovered a place in the Milky Way where another intelligent civilization could possibly be present.

Reported by Sciencealert.

Jason T. Wright conducted research and also used computer simulations with colleagues. Scientists have come to the conclusion that the core of our galaxy may be the habitat of another civilization. Previously, experts tried to establish how long it would take for civilizations to spread throughout the Milky Way. Given the size of the galaxy, this process may take longer than the age of the Milky Way itself.

A feature of the new modeling is that it also takes into account the movement of stars. This led to the conclusion that the movement of the stars increases the chances of colonization and the faster spread of potential civilizations across the galaxy. It is worth noting that the modeling is based on research conducted earlier by Jonathan Carroll-Nellenbach. He assumed that civilization can move at a speed that is slightly less than light, but only through a moving galaxy. The simulation results showed that it is necessary to look for signs of another civilization in the very center of the galaxy, because it is there that older planets are located, on which life could have developed long ago.

Some scientists believe that if in fact there is more than one civilization, then they can compete among themselves for resources and keep at a certain distance from each other. For this reason, humanity cannot record any signals.


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