A photograph of a Soviet soldier before and after the war shocked Americans

(ORDO NEWS) —  Users of the American social network Reddit were amazed by the comparison of photographs of the Soviet artist, a participant in the Great Patriotic War, Yevgeny Kbyte, before and after the Great Patriotic War. Corresponding comments appeared under a publication titled “War changes you”.

In the first photo, the artist is captured before the start of the war, and in the second – after it. Users drew attention to the large number of wrinkles in the man who returned from the war, as well as to his changed look.

“Has aged in just four years from 19 to 45,” said the commentator with the nickname doogie8888888. “Sleepless nights, hail of bullets, death of friends, shock from shell shock. War is awful, ”added a Reasonable_Motor8490 reader.

Earlier it became known that the number of participants and veterans of the Great Patriotic War during the pandemic decreased by 26 percent. As of 2021, 865.3 thousand veterans of the Great Patriotic War remained in Russia.

Among them, more than 458 thousand are home front workers, 255 thousand are widows of invalids and war veterans, 76 thousand are former underage prisoners of concentration camps. In addition, more than 74 thousand Russians survived the blockade of Leningrad, more than one thousand people were residents of besieged Sevastopol and 54 people were adult prisoners of fascism.


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