A new type of swine flu discovered in China: another pandemic is possible

(ORDO NEWS) — In the Middle Kingdom, experts have identified a new type of swine flu G4, which is actively transmitted from animals to humans. Perhaps the virus will provoke a new pandemic in the coming months.

According to scientists, the discovered strain is very infectious and actively multiplies in human cells. If you go into the genetic component, then G4 descended from H1N1. The latter has already become the cause of the terrible pandemic in 2009.

In the period from 2011 to 2018, scientists took 30 thousand smears from pigs. They were able to detect as many as 179 swine flu viruses, of which almost all were unexplored. It was G4 that turned out to be the most infectious and dangerous. He has every chance to start infecting people.

Some studies have shown that immunity from seasonal flu does not save you from swine G4. There is a need to develop a vaccine to prevent an epidemic. New flu has already migrated to every tenth worker in a pig farm. There is no information yet whether the strain is transmitted between people.

If the virus fully adapts to the human body and begins to infect people en masse, then another pandemic is inevitable. Scientists continue a series of studies to find out the level of danger of the detected flu and all methods of infection with it. Some WHO studies have shown that coronavirus is 10 times more dangerous than swine flu. Whether this is true will soon be known.


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