A new scenario of the destruction of our solar system is presented

(ORDO NEWS) — Nothing is eternal, so sooner or later one should expect the collapse of even the most perfect systems. Scientists decided to resort to some simulations to find out under what circumstances the solar system will decline, reports Syfy Wire.

Most theories say that the sun will exhaust its resources and turn into a red giant that will swallow some planets. After that, the star will throw out the outer layers, become a white dwarf and will cool down for eternity until the temperature drops below zero.

The theory is generally accepted, but does not concern the solar system, but the sun. Experts are interested in how the fate of some planets will end, for example, the giant Jupiter.

Now the bodies rotate along a certain trajectory, but after a while it will certainly be broken. This is a law of physics that takes into account the rotation of two massive bodies around each other. It is impossible to say where the planets may be, but they definitely will not fly away.

Due to the loss of mass by the Sun, planets can significantly expand their orbits. Mars and Neptune, for example, by 1.85 times. In general, all simulations are divided into two types. The former include a luminary that has lost its mass, and the latter – the fate of the Sun in the distant future.

The closest star to the Sun is 40 trillion km away. At the moment, a collision is not possible, but in seven billion years, when the Sun becomes completely different, there is a chance. They will increase when the star turns into a white dwarf, and the planets move away. Every 10 billion years, any star can travel 75 billion km. It is possible that some objects will penetrate the solar system and cause chaos.

Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune in all simulations are displaced after at least 1 trillion years. The first planet may leave the solar system in 30 billion years, and the last – 100 billion. The last surviving planet may be Mars, but it will not last long either.

The sun will either be in the core of the galaxy, or will be thrown to the outskirts of outer space.


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